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Antitrust, Competition and Unfair Commercial Practices

We specialise in antitrust issues both at the national and European Union level. Using the Fieldfisher network we can pull on both our Italian expertise and our regulatory expertise across Europe, including in Brussels.

We provide support in the following areas:

Antitrust and Competition

  • We advise clients on best practice when dealing with national and European Union authorities in administrative and judicial proceedings relating to cartels and abuse of dominance Leniency programs
  • We analyse horizontal cooperation agreements between competitors (including ATI and other forms of JV) and vertical agreements between companies operating at different market levels
  • We can assess market conduct put in place by companies in a dominant position
  • We prepare specific internal compliance programs in line with European and national best practices, including the implementation of monitoring and auditing programs
  • We can notify national antitrust authorities and the European Commission about concentrations
  • We advise on actions for antitrust damages.

Unfair Commercial Practices

  • We advise clients on the Italian Competition Authority and national administrative courts in relation to misleading and aggressive commercial practices.